Sunday’s Bigg Boss 2 Telugu drama saw the first contestant who was asked to leave the house. Nani, the host of the program, emphasized that everything could happen at home. When Sanjana Anne was expelled, his predictions came true.

The model entered the house in a high profile but was sent to prison on the first day. Then he chose Tjaswig who had a contact with Nani on Sunday.


She had stated that she directly led to confrontation and that Nani disagreed with the discussion. When he said he thought Tejaswei was his direct competitor, Nani categorically stated that he was not close.

As Jyothi was eliminated in the first week of Bigg Boss Telugu, the evictions set a precedent. However, the public was surprised that the house saw a new participant. Actor Nani Di Nilai is the surprise player who joined Bigg Boss Telugu for the first time this season. The actor hopes to make a difference in the house through his entry.

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