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      In Tamil film Industry, there were lots of films that released in 2017, The Trailer Talkies team critics list the top films that made their time at the cinemas totally worth it.


      In India looks up to the skies for a rocket launch, a child falls deep into a borewell and awaits rescue. Yet, this new superpower has no technology good enough to pull her out. A wonderful Nayanthara plays a collector as helpless as the little girl who is stuck inside, in a powerful film that conveys a heavy message with absolute conviction.


      Aruvi’s can manage to make you laugh out loud. That long stretch set inside a reality show would have come across as preachy in the hands of a lesser filmmaker, but debutant Arun Prabhu weaves it into a tragicomedy that will stand the test of time. Who else is happy that Aditi Balan ditched her lawyer dreams to pursue acting?

      Kurangu Bommai

      Kurangu Bommai movie that could have so easily ended up confused but ends up checking all the right boxes. Director Nithilan creates a solid storyline around a bag containing an expensive statue that many people have an eye on. Watch out for fine performances from Bharathiraja and Elango Kumaravel.


      This movie hard to believe that this fine film was made by a team of debutants. They didn’t even need to name the characters, but still managed to create a multi-narrative plotline in which everyone has a part to play.

      Magalir Mattum

      Magalir Mattum movie a plot revolving around a newly-married woman and her mother-in-law. But it’s not one of those sob stories as you would imagine. Director Bramma takes this ‘odd’ couple, twists their relationship on its head and gives us one of the most sensitive films of the year.

      Maragadha Naanayam

      One of the good and comedy films of the year 2017. A director who is wacky enough to use Kaali Venkat’s voice for Nikki Galrani surely knows what it takes to make us laugh out loud.

      Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu

      The story, screenplay, and direction were good in the movie Oru kidayin karunai manu. This year’s best rural drama is an assortment of quirky characters and great sub-plots.

      Pa Paandi

      Actor Dhanush shows that his talent in direction. Dhanush would have the pillowy warmth of a touching film. If ‘most lovable’ was an award category, Rajkiran would be a top choice. It had one of the year’s best albums as well.

      Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru

      In Tamil cinema, Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru is the one of the most police officers life film. But this year’s Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru proved how a real-life incident featuring a cop can be converted into a highly entertaining film, that gave us a menacing villain who still gives us the shivers.


      Thupparivaalan movie news was out that Mysskin was making another big-budget action film, we remembered Mugamoodi and shuddered. But thankfully, this time, he delivered... and wrapped up the film with a stunning climax. If only Vishal could use his detective skills from the film to find out what really happened to his RK Nagar nomination!

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