Kamal Hassan announced that Oviya was the 17th player to be acclaimed at the Big Boss Season 2 concert. But the 16-year-old was sent to her home for a pleasurable surprise. He is not a competitor.

Biggboss Season 2 started today. Yesterday, the rivals went into Biggboss home. Some changes have been made at Biggboss’s house.


A lot of tunes have been constructed for boron speaking. The show started at 7 o’clock Sunday.



Fans expectation

There was an expectation among anyone who was participating in the Biggboss season 2. Everyone was waiting for their favorite stars to come.

The phrase is “Odavum mudiyathu Oliyavum mudiyathu” in this event. Interested by the fans who are good people who are promoting the bad guy who is bad.