The last season’s shifts were seen at Biggboss house today. Dual positions of some people were well known. Another way to realize Piccas’s mood was the ‘expectation of the unexpected’. Let’s see in detail


Continuation of the seventh day. Kamal was surprised to hear him talking in English. He said, “He did not find the English speaking to me,” he said. Even Vaishnavi, who translated the word in Tamil to Sendrayan.


Bigboss called Balaji a confession room. He asked a stunning question, “If the person is not in this house, the atmosphere of this house is better?” Many may have expected the answer to ‘Nithya’. But Balaji said, “Mamti.” ‘They are so cute that the Mumtaz talks a lot from the close.”

With the same question, other members were called to the confession room separately. As expected, Nithya was the highest paid vote, earning public hatred. Three votes were received. Mumtaz, Anand Vaidyanathan, Ponnambalam, and Jayalalithaa have one vote each.

It seems that many people do not like to do alouds with Mumtaz, who is the unofficial, powerless center of the PBiggboss house.  Yashika knows that Fans is growing. Now that the skin on the skull is growing too. Pickpas should have a solution based on wartime. Mahat was eyeing the ‘Nenacchu do not see that I miss Simbu’. (Is this a good thing?)

Balaji, Nithya and Sendrayan were dining together. He was always supportive of Nithaya, even who was hated by many. Balaji, who was showing hatred, also occasionally supports Nithya. That is still a moment. Nitya was fond of the eyes of Nithya as she was getting a job as a maid. There is a scene in Bhagyaraj’s ‘Little House’. Bhagyaraj will not be caught on his wife because he is bulky. When both of them go to the theater, the seats will be left behind for the sake of others not to know her husband. When a young man comes to the side of his wife come and arrive, he will come and sit on the side of his wife.

Mahat was lying in the middle of Yashika and Aishwarya at night to triggering Balaji. Mahat. He condemned this in the stomach and mouth. Balaji. However, Mahath does not move. It seems to be said, ‘Manu Vasaraaranaya’. When Ponnambalam objected, he said, ‘Ene, we are playing like kids. Mahat.

Some sixteen contestants are at house in Biggboss, except for sixteen contestants. Chapatti dough came to the side of Nitya’s bed, Mamta Another Arguement has begun. “Mumtaz said to be there. Nothing was going to be a problem, “she argued. “I will always stand behind you. I have supported, ‘said Mamti. (A few hours earlier she offered a vote against Nidya in the Conference Room).

Eighth morning. “enga veetu kuttu vizhakku” song playing. This time Ananth Vaidyanathan also laughed and danced. A shocking wait for everyone who slept. All cuisines in the house, including mashed chapati flour, were removed. Gas is stopped. (Carrot, onions, you have trouble?)

Is it a penalty or a new challenge competition? They discussed. ‘There is no conviction. Will be competitive. We’ll be brave, “said Mumtaz and Balaji.

As expected, this is a new challenge. This is a competition to test whether the men are capable of managing the house or being male or female. Two men and women should choose the two sides, the members of the house. Rs. 4000 will be given to each team. The basic grocery items that day are the ones who are the best and the best of the shop.

Men and women gathered together and discussed what they could buy. Anand Vaidyanathan gave a secret idea. ‘Women’s team … chocolate cheese .. We can only buy the base material.

Men and women were selected by Daniei. (Daniel was really in the market to speak before the ‘go to the market, and that’s it’).

Bigboss Market ‘was created by a stadium. But its prices are for the next century. A green chilli is Rs. 80. can not tell. As agriculture has come to an end, the farmers seem to be able to expect these prices in the context of the neglected environment.

Daniel coalition first landed on the field. He went on a bargain. “I’m a big guy in the area .. I do not know. Have you ever bought a bottle of ghee for one day cooking?

The next team, Mumtaz and Mamti, was leaving ‘ketan’ to enter the shopping mall. ‘Lemons stems will not pay “becomes the divine Mother Mahalakshmi Vikram, who alapparai to shoppers, Mumtaz. Both of them came out with enthusiasm and cheated with lemon. “So the money has gone to take anbudan_BALA coming?” The mouth split open, Sendrayan. ‘We are women. We will be a loner, “she said, proudly. They do not know that they are going to be burned on the face for a while


Biggboss declared that Janani’s responsibility to become the leader of the house. Everyone stood up and thanked and thanked.

The time to select the next leader came. Piccas brought a big turn in the story. This is a shift in the last season. Piccas thought he wanted to give him a chance to win over a secret ballot against Nidya, and declared Nitya directly as the ‘leader’ without competition. There was shock and disappointment in Mumtaz’s face that perhaps the next CM could have been in the dream.

Balaji reveals his wife Kushi bluntly. He went to Nidiya and shook hands and shook hands. (Pp … dai world actor). ‘Thangachi .. you are the leader now. Let’s say what you want him to do. ” Vaishnavi’s ear in Ramayya say something like a rarity riddle like “Oh …. Oh …… ‘Vaishnavi pulled the voice in the utterance. These girls!



Nominees round started. Each person must propose 2 people to be evicted from that house. Surprisingly, the name of Ponnalampalam is very bad. He speaks too much in the objectionable language. It is not surprising that Mamti and Mumtaz’s names are much mentioned. Bigamma + Chinnamma Coalition model have earned the popularity of the people.

We know frankly because Ananth is saying the name of Danial. Mahath said that the reason for Sendrayan going to girls behind always’ was injustice. (Definitely .. wrong … you should not say it!). Some people have suggested that Anand’s name is ‘generation break’. Especially as Danny did not like the coalition.

Soon, Ponnambalam, Mumtaz, Anand and Mamti came to the list of nominees. The theory of ‘Nomination is good’, as Anant is like ‘the stain is good’. He told Ponnambalu that he would not have a lot of fans. “There is a lot of fans in Mumtazh,” said Anand. Ananthan’s guess is that Ponnambalam and Mumtazhum will be saved. Ponnambalam agrees that he will be ‘Maximum four weeks’.


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