Varthamana Kannada cinema it was three years of hard work by director Umesh and for six months he took the time to do the editing. Sharavana is the only disciple who knows the content of the film after the director. Sharavana is very confident in a good public return for this movie. My kind of movies that only Kannadigas can see. Otherwise, the people of France are in a position to see Umesh say. This movie is first class, we know it. That’s why we’re going out with some other movies on March 23, says the director. When Hema and Manu joined the team as producers, they thought that the film would be finished in Rs.15 lakhs.

The budget amounted to Rs.1 million rupees at the time of departure. The movie is now available in 30 multiplex screens and 20 individual screens in percentage. This is a two-year project for the award-winning national actor Sanchari Vijay Without worrying about a leg injury, he participated in the filming of this movie. It is a film that breaks the whole formula and without any commitment the film took time.


For the edition of the motive, six months have elapsed, he said. Without knowing anything about the content of the film, Sanjana Prakash participated in the filming, she does not know exactly what role is related here in the content. It’s an Avant Garde movie (new and experimental), says Sanjana Prakash. Despite the breaking of teeth, she was present for the session demonstrating her commitment.