The young talents of today are fiercely competing to establish movie stars that Kichcha Sudeep felt after the release of the movie trailer ATM Kannada. It is really healthy in the competitive field. As in the Malayalam movies, we have young talents that flourish. They should watch the release date in which Sudeep felt enjoying some segments of Annada’s ATM movies. “NAND Anand audio was ready with its tablet for quick download on YouTube in the crowded gather Kichcha Sudeep by pressing a trailer Set of the ATM line button.Star oscillating Yash had released audio CDs and superstar Kichcha Sudeep had reached trailer launch The result is fascinating voice Vinay Gowda is very nice, there are some interesting views taken in the trailer, Sudeep said between acclamation énorme.C’est Opkothare public, Tabkothare (and embrace) good for specialized films Sudeep.

Kichcha Sudeep denied to garland received a silver plaque and wished good luck to the actor in the television movie, it looks beautiful in Chandu is in the taxi driver was delighted with the arrival of Sudeep as director Amar Shobita actress Hemalatha and Vinay Gowda was delighted Hemalatha is in the role of a journalist in the movie ATM is based on a real-life incident occurred in 2013. It is the answer It is correct with great confidence when the film is released on April 6 Another popular television actress, Shobita, is used in this film. I have a risky role and the film is exciting with the angle of love that she has indicated. Vinay Gowda plays the tough policeman. He thanked his Aradhya Daiva Sudeep for launching the trailer.

This movie director Amar kept silent but at the trailer launch media address, he did not stop to express his feelings in which most of them were not worth writing.

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